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The KLB dedicated model drives productivity, efficiency and accountability.​

KLB is an organization free of multiple layers between leadership and the field. This is what allows us to stay focused and flexible to the customer and to the operations on site; putting the power of the model at the local level where it belongs. 

The KLB model offers several benefits to dedicated retail operations.


The KLB dedicated model is inherently safer than most fleets by its very nature and structure, by placing accountability where it belongs. We utilize the latest safety technology and programs, all designed to enhance visibility and execution. 

Low, Flat Cost Structure

The KLB model is based on an activity-based cost system. This enables us to streamline costs and identify ways to add value to the customer. This model also creates an incentive for performance and allows direct ownership of success.


KLB fleets put service and accountability at the forefront. On-site KLB Managers work closely with our customers to make sure that services adapt and change as the business needs of the customer change and evolve.

Flexible Business Strategy

The KLB model offers companies increased control and flexibility while navigating the unique demands of their business.

Utilization and Volume Fluctuation

We understand that volume surges are a normal part of retail distribution. The KLB model can handle significant volume surges without having to add additional power units.


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